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Crystal C. Mercer

Dramatists Guild Foundation COVID-19 Emergency Grant Recipient 2020: Crystal C. Mercer

I am delighted to announce my extreme gratefulness to be a recipient of the Dramatists Guild Foundation COVID-19 Emergency Grant! As a creative professional, many times I am wearing many hats and holding many jobs to fund my passion for arts and activism. After being relieved of my duties at my job in early March, due to COVID-19, I, like so many people around the world, was worried about how I was going to make it financially.

“Dramatists Guild Foundation (DGF) is a national charity that fuels the future of American theater by supporting the writers who create it. DGF fosters playwrights, composers, lyricists, and book writers at all stages of their careers. We sponsor educational programs; provide awards, grants, and stipends; offer free space to create new works; and give emergency aid to writers in need. By supporting and nurturing the creators of today, we protect the stories of tomorrow”.

It was a joy to share with the organization my love for the stage, my B.A. in Theatre Arts + Dance, and the current literary work that is driving me. The grant has a range of $500.00 to $3,000.00. In the time of COVID-19, I am happy to be acknowledged and recognized for the work that I have done, and the work I will continue to do for the rest of this natural life.

It is my belief that there is enough room for everybody to win… If you have written for the stage, or storytelling is one of your primary creative practices, please consider applying. For more information about The Dramatist Guild Foundation, click here. To apply to the COVID-19 Emergency Grant, click here

Black create(her), Artist, and Activist, Crystal C. Mercer is a keep(her) of Black Culture utilizing theatre, poetry, and textiles to communicate ancestral messages and tell social justice narratives.

Crystal C. Mercer

Crystal C. Mercer

The create(her)

A Black Create(her), businesswoman and conduit for culture and community, CrystalC.Mercer is a celebrated artist, activist, and public servant.She utilizes theatre, poetry, and textiles to communicate ancestral messages and tell social justice narratives.

Crystal C. Mercer

The create(her)

is just a little girl from Little Rock , Arkansas. An all-around AfroCreative, Mercer is a Black, Queer Textile Artist, Actor, Activist, Poet, Playwright, Published Author, Found(her) and Executive Director of A BLACK SPACE, and Lead Designer and Merchant of Mercer Textile Mercantile.  Mercer is the recipient of grants from PEN America and the Dramatist Guild Foundation, which help her continue her charge as a storyteller and a keeper of the culture. She is a graduate of the Clinton School of Public Service (MPS).

Mercer’s past credits include a number of plays, musicals, and performances in Arkansas, off-Broadway in NewYork ,and internationally in Canterbury, England and Accra,Ghana. She fuses arts and activism by using theatre, poetry, and textiles to tell social justice narratives, through merchandising artifacts of the culture and storytelling, with an emphasis of uplifting voices of color and making marginalized populations visible.

A dedicated public servant, a woman of many creative talents, and the daughter of legendary late civil rights lawyer, Attorney Christopher C. Mercer,Jr., she honors the legacy of her father by using artistic mediums as a tool for empowerment ,education ,and social justice.  From Little Rock, Arkansas to Accra, Ghana, Mercer has made an international impact as an artist and an activist.

A gem from The Natural State , Mercer is always looking for the next adventure that will unearth her poetic, textile, and dramatic magic.

Activated by arts and activism…She knows, shows, and cares about what’s going on in the hood.

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